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Tribune - Syndicated 4/27/09 - Humberto Cruz, Timely Books Can Prey On Times

NY TIMES 4-12-09  Advice in Two New Books, but Not From Talking Heads

Colorado Springs Gazette 3/17/08 - How Does A Second Grader Beat Wall Street?

Huffington Post 3/17/09 - The Jim Cramer Redemption Tour (Dan Solin)

Good Day Colorado FOX TV 3/16/09 - (Video) Interview with Financial Expert and His Dad

Huffington Post 3/15/09 - (Audio) Blogtalk Radio

NPR - Marketplace 3/13/09 - (Audio) Kid outsmarts Wall Street

Yahoo Finance 3/13/09 - 3 Ways to Stabilize Your Portfolio with Bond ETFs

Sound Investing 3/6/09 - (Audio) Paul Merriman Interviews Allan Roth

Colorado Springs Business Journal 2/27/09 - It's Amazing What We Can Learn From A Second Grader Portfolio

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Video - Cramer vs. SpongeBob

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